Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jewel Tone Fall

Lots of goodies in this mix of flowers - giant vanda orchids, anemones, ranunculus, so much!!  Love how these colors look with the teal dresses - pulls out the richness of that color.  Photos by Crystal Rose Photography  - she did such a great job capturing these colors and the moments of the day!! 

Love this with the negative space in the frame - my favorite photo!

The look she wanted - so stunning!


Little bit of baby's breath to keep it airy on the table.  Wrapped with teal ribbon for color!

Hydrangea and berries in teal wrapped vases - so pretty!

Close up the rosary added - I love doing that for brides. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Glam at Landmark

Landmark Center in St. Paul is a great venue for a glam reception and this wedding was no exception!  Check out these fantastic detail shots from Judd Sather Photography  of the summer wedding of Jacki and Mike.  Bouquets of white roses, green hydrangea and green berries were simple and stunning.  The bouquets for the bridesmaids' were accented with pink rhinestone cuffs for a little glam! The bride's bouquet was accented with pearls and crystals - so pretty!  The centerpieces were a mix of submerged orchids and tall vases of white calla lilies.